Hyundai Vehicles: What’s That Noise?


There are some sounds a vehicle should make. The roar of an engine is welcome, as are beats from a subwoofer on board. Other noises, however, are not only unwanted but can be signs of serious mechanical problems. Here’s a guide to some of the more obnoxious screeches, grinds and bunks that Hyundai vehicles might make.

“Thump, Thump, Thump”

A thumping sound that suddenly comes from one of the wheels suggests a potential flat tire. The tire is making this noise as it turns over and hits the pavement. The noise will slow down if the car's slowed.

If you hear a thumping noise suddenly come from one of your wheels, immediately pull over in a safe location. You’re going to need to change the tire. Or, simply call Hyundai Assurance if you have a newer model. All new Hyundai vehicles come with 5 years of emergency roadside assistance.

“Screeeech” (When Braking)

Should you hear a screeching sound when braking, your Hyundai’s brakes are becoming worn. Many Hyundai vehicles have pad-and-rotor brakes, and indicators are built into the pads to let drivers know when the pads are wearing out. The pads should be replaced soon, before the rotors wear out and also need to be replaced.

If you hear a “screeech” anytime you brake, make an appointment at a Hyundai service center. You don’t need to stop driving, but you’ll want the brakes checked by a mechanic soon. Having the brakes repaired before the rotors wear down will keep the cost of the service minimal.

“Grrrrrrrrr” (When Braking)

Grinding noises when braking are a sign that your Hyundai’s brakes are well worn down. The pads have likely been completely worn, and now their metal holder is grinding directly against the metal of the rotor. This is what produces the “grrrrrr” sound.

If you hear a grinding sound when braking, your Hyundai’s brakes need to be serviced immediately. The car should be immediately taken (possibly towed) to a Hyundai service center where they can replace the brakes. With the brakes are so worn, it’s not safe to keep driving a lot on them.

“Whiiiine” (When Turning)

Whining noises that occur when you turn the steering wheel are often indicative of a problem with the power steering system. There could be a leak in a hose, the fluid may be low, the pump might be malfunctioning, or the rack-and-pinion assembly might require replacing. Whatever this exact issue is, the whining will probably be more prominent when turning at low speeds than high speeds - the power steering is used more at low speeds, and there’s less road noise to block out the whining.

If you hear whining when the steering wheel is turned, your Hyundai will need to be inspected by a technician. A mechanic who regularly works on Hyundai vehicles will be able to pinpoint the problem and fix it.

Bring Your Hyundai to Hyundai West Allis

Should you notice any of these noises, or any other strange sounds, bring your Hyundai to Hyundai West Allis for service.

Hyundai West Allis is proud to be a member of the Midwest’s leading dealership group, International Autos Group. As a member, the dealership has some of the best facilities in the area, and its service department receives regular training specifically on Hyundai vehicles. The team members here will be able to identify any noise your Hyundai is making, and they’ll know how to address whatever issue is causing the sound.

The dealership is located at 10611 W. Arthur Ave. in West Allis, so it’s just a short drive (or tow) from Waukesha and Milwaukee.

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