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What's New for Hyundai in 2018


Every calendar year brings some updates to existing models and a few new vehicles. Few years, however, bring as many updates and new releases to any one automaker’s lineup as 2018 will for Hyundai. There’s a lot in store for Hyundai this year.

Fully Redesigned Accent, Elantra GT, Sonata and Veloster

Updates will give drivers even more reason to love the Accent, Elantra GT, Sonata and Veloster, which are already widely popular Hyundai…

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4 Reasons to Choose a Hyundai Pickup


Hyundai has long been known for making reliable cars, crossovers and SUVs. Soon, there’ll also be a Hyundai pickup truck. If you’re in the market for a pickup, here’s what makes Hyundai’s new model worthy of a test drive.

An Automaker That Knows Trucks

Don’t discount this truck just because there hasn’t been a Hyundai pickup yet. Hyundai may not have offered a pickup truck in the United States…

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Hyundai Vehicles: 8 New SUVs by 2020


Hyundai dealerships across the country will be getting a makeover in the next two years, and it’s not a facelift to their facilities proper. Showrooms will be brimming with more SUVs, as Hyundai has promised to release eight new (or fully redesigned) crossovers and sport utility vehicles by 2020. The automaker hasn’t released it’s full plan, but a few details about these new Hyundai vehicles are…

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Hyundai Vehicles: All-Wheel Drive and HTrac


All-wheel traction provides peace of mind when road conditions deteriorate, and the extra traction is almost a must-have for anyone who regularly drives on snowy, muddy or otherwise slippery paths. Hyundai not only offers several Hyundai models with available all-wheel drive, but the automaker also has developed one of the most advanced all-wheel-drive systems in existence for the Genesis brand.

SUVs with Available All-Wheel Drive

Hyundai’s traditional all-wheel-drive system improves upon past four-wheel drive…
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Hyundai Vehicles: 3rd Row Seating


For families that need three rows of seats, there’s one Hyundai SUV that casts a shadow over all other competition. The Hyundai Santa Fe offers roomy first-, second- and third-row seats, and interior passenger room is just one of the SUV’s many highlights. If you’re looking for a vehicle that can seat six or seven, here’s some of what a new or pre-owned Hyundai Santa Fe offers.

Room for the Family…

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The Used Hyundai Genesis: Luxury Car Value


The Hyundai Genesis is so-named because it was Hyundai’s first entry into the luxury market, and the company’s entry made a splash. The Hyundai Genesis was so well-received that it has since been transformed into its own brand -- Genesis. The Genesis lineup continues to provide quality craftsmanship at a great price, but nothing can rival the combination of luxury and value that used Hyundai Genesis models offer.

True Luxury Car Quality

The Hyundai…

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Why Hyundai? 4 Reasons To Buy

If you have been researching new vehicles to purchase for awhile, then you already know a great many options you have available to you. One of the first being which brand of vehicle you want to buy. At Hyundai West Allis, you might accuse of us being a bit biased, but we chose to be the local Milwaukee face of the Hyundai brand because we strongly stand behind the…

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Are You Ready For A Hyundai Hybrid?

As it becomes increasingly clear that humans have a real and lasting impact on their environment, Hyundai has joined the effort to create hybrid vehicles that combine electric motors and a gas engine to create a product that is good for the environment and your family. In the past, consumers have been hesitant to adopt electric car technology because they assumed they would have to sacrifice power and performance…

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Hyundai Vehicles: Choosing a Family Car


When looking for a family car, Hyundai is an excellent choice. Few other automakers offer the same combination of safety and value, and no other company has America’s Best Warranty. Once you’ve decided to make your family’s next vehicle a Hyundai, you’ll find there are many great Hyundai vehicles to choose from. Here’s how to go through that selection process.

Determine Your Family’s Budget

Start by determining how much your family can afford to (or wants to) spend on a vehicle. Setting a budget at the outset will determine what Hyundai vehicles you’ll…

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4 Best Hyundais for Retirees


Like everyone else, retirees want vehicles that are affordable, reliable and fun to drive. These aren’t all that seniors look for in cars, though. Features like large front doors, easy-to-read gauges, minimal blind spots and a rear-view camera make driving a vehicle easier.

Most of Hyundai’s vehicles meet all of the above criteria and will serve retirees well, but a few models especially stand out. Here are four of the best Hyundais for retirees.

2016 Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is loved by everyone from college students to senior adults. It’s combination of a generous interior space…

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